Brigadier General GEREL Dorjpalam

Director Brigadier general Gerel Dorjpalam was confirmed as the Director of the General Intelligence Agency in November 2017 this being his second appointment as the Director of the GIA. As the Director of the GIA Brigadier general Gerel D. oversees all internal and external intelligence activities conducted by the GIA and its departments. Director Gerel D. is also dual-hatted as the Director of the Counterterrorist Coordinative Council of Mongolia presiding over fourteen government ministries and agencies in a unified effort to integrate the counter terrorism activities of our Nation.

The Director has enjoyed an illustrious career as an intelligence officer as well as a diplomat in the Foreign Service sector. His career in National Security started after graduating the Committee for State Security Academy and joining the Ministry of Public Security of Mongolia (GIA’s preceding agency) and through exemplary service in the field, he had been swiftly promoted to senior officer, Head of Unit, Head of Division, Deputy Director, and Director of Department at the GIA.    

He served as an attaché, Head of the Consular Division, and Counselor at the Mongolian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan. While in Japan, Director Gerel D. also graduated the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. After returning to Mongolia, he was appointed as the General Director of the Consular Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2008, he was appointed as the Mongolian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Republic of Korea.  After his ambassadorship he served as the honorary Ambassador in charge of the implementation of the “President of Mongolia’s Ulaanbaatar Initiative Program”.

For his service, Director Gerel D. has been awarded with Distingue honors from 14 seperate agencies including  Distinguished Intelligence Medal, Distinguished Diplomat Medal, the Medal for Military Merit, Military Honor Medal, Order of Merritt in Combat, Order of the Red Banner of Merritt in Combat, Order of the Red Banner for Labor as well as others.     

An avid sportsman in his youth the Director continues his involvement in sports by serving as the President of the Mongolian Sambo Federation as well as the honorary President of the Mongolian Taekwondo Federation.