Special Investigation

As a major component of the law enforcement activities in Mongolia, the GIA is authorized to conduct arrests and investigate crimes under its jurisdiction as stated in the Revised Criminal Code of Mongolia. “Investigator of General Intelligence Agency shall execute investigations with respect to following crimes described by Criminal Law:
“Articles 79 (Treason), 80 (Espionage), 81 (Assault to life and body of prominent political and social figure), 82 (Conspiring to hold the State power illegally), 83 (Instigating armed riot), 84 (Sabotage), 85 (Treacherous obstruction), 86 (Disintegration of national unity), 87 (Disclosure of the State secret), 88 (Relinquishment of the State confidential information, document or physical item), 89 (Illegal crossing of border of Mongolia), 133 (Violation of legislation on undercover operation), 175 (Illegal passage of items through border of Mongolia), 224.2 (Violation of international flight procedures), 297 (Instigating armed conflict), 300 (Creation, obtaining and distributing weapons of mass destruction), 301 (Assault to figures enjoying international protection), 302 (Genocide), 303,1; 303.2 (Usage of mercenaries);

- Crimes described by Articles 263 of the Criminal Law (Abuse of power or position by an official of the State), 264 (Exceeding by an official of the State his/her power) with respect to which an undercover operation is carried out by an officer of the General Intelligence Agency” Revised Criminal Code of Mongolia.