Director’s message

Dear Guest,

Since it was first established as the Department of Internal Protection, our service has spearheaded the foundation of safeguarding the national security of our country. Standing on the towering achievements of our rich tradition the GIA has continuously evolved and honed its craft to man the front line of our Nation’s defense against all manners of internal and external threat.

The GIA unites counter and foreign intelligence, military and border intelligence, economic intelligence, economic security and counter terrorism under one umbrella and leadership. This unique structure gives us the basis of the foundational pillars of safeguarding our Nation’s security.

The GIA works to provide Mongolia’s senior level policy makers with all-source intelligence products to help it create and implement policies that further Mongolia’s interests.

Today more than ever in the age of globalization intelligence services play an integral role in safeguarding the sovereignty and integrity of our countries. As such, the GIA also strives to join forces with the international community to combat crimes of a transnational crime such as terrorism, money laundering, cyber-attacks and many other threats that plague us as a whole.

We welcome you to find out more about our services main functions, history, legal environment, latest news surrounding our activities, and other relating information via our website.