The Institute of History and Archeology of the Dornod Province, Governor's Office of Dornod Province, Governor's Office of Khalkh gol ​​sum and “Yalalt” museum of Khalkh gol ​​soum have jointly organised “The 80th anniversary of the Khalkhin Gol battle” international conference on 13-15 August in Khalkh Gol sum, Dornod Province.

This International Scientific Mconference gathered scientists and researchers from Special archives of the General Intelligence Agency, The Institute of Archeology of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Language and Literature, Transbaikal State University of the Russian Federation, the General Archives, the Central Archives of the Ministry of Defense , the Mongolian Civil Aviation Authority, Mongolian Military Museum, National University of Mongolia, Mongolian State University of Education, National Defense University.         

The research sessions presented 20 research papers, such as the "Providing military psychology experience and lessons learned from the Khalkhin Gol battle," "From the Front of the Khalkhin Gol battle to court," and "Analysis of the History of Khalkhin gol battle".   

                   Senior Researcher at the Special Archives of the General Intelligence Agency, captain N.Batbold discussed the issue on the topic of "Determining the role of Mongolian intelligence officers in the Battle of Khalkhin Gol" and presented many other interesting facts related to japanese policy on Khalkhin gol during the 1935 Machurian discussion.