The Regional Conference on ‘Whole-of society Approach’ to Prevent and Countering Violent Extremisn and Radicalization that lead to Terrorism will be organized in Ulaanbaatar from 20 to 21 June, 2019.

The High-Level Inter-Regional Conference will be organized jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Counter-Terrorism Coordinative Council, OSCE Department for Transnational Threats, UN Office for Counter-Terrorism and the General Intelligence Agency of Mongolia.

At the initiative of the United Nations Secretary-General, the United Nations initiated a high-level conference of the heads of anti-terrorism authorities in New York City in June 2018. 

At the first meeting, it was widely agreed that there is a need to eliminate the risk of terrorism and to convene conferences on topics to combat terrorism over a period of two years until the next meeting. According to this and by the initiative of the National Counter-Terrorism Coordinative Council of Mongolia a regional conference is being organized in Ulaanbaatar.  

The purpose of the conference is to discuss current challenges and best practices in developing effective policies that meet human rights, gender equality, as well as engage in dialogue and cooperation between OSCE and Asian States in the region and take further action. For example, the conference focuses on the following issues: These include: 

  • Focus on the role of culture, religion and interfaith dialogue, strengthening social unity by exchanging good experiences in the region;
  • Empower youth and local authorities, implement effective measures throughout the region; 
  • Apply ‘whole-of-society approach’ to the development and implementation of national policies, strategies and action plans;
  • Develop effective policies and measure for implementation on ‘Whole-of society Approach’ to Prevent and Countering Violent Extremisn and Radicalization that lead to Terrorism, on priority issues such exchange of experience on national, regional and international level.


POSTED: 2019-10-24